Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Storm Chasers

brandon bay, respekt to everyone who was involved in such an event, specially the brave riders, organizers and rescue crew. anyway, to me it was a bummer that there was no basic videostream or up to date live ticker, since upfront there was such a hype. hopefully next time? these are my highlights off the "on site crew" ticker:

We can't see the horizon yet - just endless walls of whitewater. Wind must be at least 50 knots.
A big gust flattens Swift and Bruch in the impact zone under the chopper.
Sea-Doos assist sailors in getting out as the bay is shielded from the wind by a cliff
Respect to sailors of course, but fair play to the Seadoo drivers from safety crew dodging the walls of whitewater.
Must be nearly 60 knots again. Rocket air from Bruch, I counted for 7 seconds.
Angulo: 'It was scarier than the scariest we could've imagined'
Huge perfectly landed back loop by Leon who is then wiped out by next wall of water, no action from Angulo as yet
It's so windy, sailors even have to protect their boards from flying away.