Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shoot Me Down

capetown- since i got back from the kalahari it has been windy and kind of wavy every day all day! i made a couple of downwinders and it has gotten very quite down here, almost everybody had left. then 2day it was one of the "bigger" days u can get here. i went out at my favourite wave where i am usally alone, specially this time of the season. i wanted to play a bit with my waterhousing and tried taking pixs of myself kiting. as i got started from the shore i realised my housing is heavy to carry in one hand while kiting and still make pix and stear the kite. i was ignoring the fact and turned outside in one of the sizier waves of the day. when i started riding the wave i struggled turning the kite fast enuff to get into the best position but i was still aiming for the pocket. bam, the wave colappsed a few meters behind me and instead of being able to get infront of the wave i got eaten big time. under water i lost control of where i am and in one hand my kitebar in the other my heavy housing i realised it was getting difficult to climb back to the surface. dont know for how long i was buried under whitewater but it felt like ages, i guess in reality it was just a sec! anyway, i could feel that i am surrounded by my lines underwater so the kite must have dropped. for moments i was thinking to let go of my housing or the bar or actually both! when i finally popped up i took a big breath and looked into the next wave to colappse on me. after all i got back to shore...needed to swim and lost my board. my girlfriend looked more scared then me, but i went back out after i started the kite. 2 hours later there where some guys coming down to the shore with jetskis and all they where going to tow there! a huge film crew popped out of nowhere and started putting up a 35mm movie cam on a high stand. it was too much i then went home to check the pix and must looks soft and small! it is so difficult to capture the real size if u take shots with a wide angle but i had a good time...ahoi

selfshot ©

moments before i got eaten ©

selfshot ©

they started towing ©

my girl still worried, background the film crew movin in ©