Friday, August 2, 2013

⚓ A.P. Forever

we lost a great surfer, an inspirational hero and most of all a true friend!
i believe ur journeys are not over yet.
may u ride a lot of good waves and meet a lot of honest and friendly people where ever u are going next! the last time we met was in the ocean. u told me u came straight from the hospital. even when i was happy to see u in the line-up, u were telling me how weak u were feeling after 3 weeks of hospital.
to me there was no sign of weakness!
i remember u taking so many waves in front of me in big bay that day.
u always kept the spirits high...u are and always will be a true hero and an inspiration for me and so many other people around the globe!
i realy hope ur parents, ur family and ur girlfriend will get over this hard times...and i hope they will one day be able to continue living there lives like u always did the fullest!
it was a great honour spending some time with u and sharing a couple of waves together. u will never be forgotton.
till we meet again.....ahoi henning

this is the letter andré wrote today before he was leaving us to other and greater shores.....